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Genesis 6:3

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man,…………


The Lord is holy, He is patient. He makes strong efforts to draw people to His way of thinking-but He does not force people; God gives everyone free will. And at a point He no longer tries, He no longer draws people who want to exercise that free will contrary to what He wants for them. Only God can save anyone when the person is willing. And that’s the big key, being responsible for our own actions and the outcome as a result-whether it is good or bad. Jesus came to offer a way out of the binds in life. But He will not make a person do what they don’t truly want in their heart. The sad dilemma however is that since God is holy He gives consequences when a personĀ is not steadily determined to be on the path He wants. Hell was created for satan and his angels-not for mankind-but the devil makes captives of many who willingly choose not to follow God. That is totally unnecessary since Jesus the savior is waiting to give people joy, give people peace, eternal life, and much more. Will you say yes to Jesus and no to satan?