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Steps To Salvation

How To Obtain Salvation:

Through childlike faith believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for the sins of the world, believe that God raised Him from the dead, repent sorrowful for your sins for all sin by anyone is sin against the holy God.  Truly accept Jesus Christ into your heart to be Lord of your life as your personal savior guiding, directing fully leading all of your life.

Say all this to the Lord and pray it all in Jesus’ name amen.  If you do what is said in these preceding words then the following will be true:  you will be saved, that is born again, God’s Holy Spirit will be with you and guiding you if you hear and not quench the Spirit, also when you die you will go to heaven and before you die while you are on the earth you will have the opportunity to receive God’s guidance regularly for God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit will be there for you if you accept His leading.

Become God’s child, let Him lead you there.  Then we suggest for you be a part of a bible based church to be fed the word of God, nourished in learning as you read God’s word the bible.  At church you can fellowship with other believers.